Richard Brody, New Yorker Magazine


2 thoughts on “Richard Brody, New Yorker Magazine

  1. Very interesting article. I just had the chance to see the film Bless their little hearts in Madrid (Spain) and I thought it was really touching and heart-warming. In particular the scene of Charlie and Andais in the kitchen has so much truth in it that it keeps echoing in my head. Rarely have I seen a scene so accurate and delicate. Congratulations to all crew members and to those responsible of its restoration and recent promotion.

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    1. Thank you, Jon! I’m so glad that the screening went well in Madrid! It is indeed one of the great African-American films of our time and although it took us way too long to bring it out, we’re the very proud distributors of BLESS THEIR LITTLE HEARTS! — Dennis Doros, MIlestone Films


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